Bill Kristol Smokes Opium

The New York Times designated neo-con was inspired by John McCain’s fantasy speech last week, to do a bit of his own dreamy ruminations on the November election. He cites three pieces of evidence of why McCain will triumph even as his own party goes down in flames. 

  1. Obama lost West Virginia by a big margin. This is nonsense. Bush won West Virginia in 2004 by 56%. West Virginia is not critical to Obama’s GE campaign.
  2. The California Gay Rights Supreme Court Decision will revive the cultural conservatives.There is no evidence that at a time of an unpopular war, $4 gasoline and rising food prices that trotting out the old Gay Marriage trope is going to make a difference. If John McCain wants to run his whole campaign as a defender of “traditional marriage”, he’s lost any possibility of winning independents.
  3. Obama taking on Bush’s Knesset “Appeaser” speech was a mistake.Here I think Kristol is clearly talking through his hat. Every evidence shows that Obama’s ability to tie Bush and McCain (double-down) together on foreign policy is a total winner for the Dems.

As we can see from some of the posts from the Right on this blog, the conservatives are clearly grasping at straws. If these three issues are the best they’ve got, its going to be a Sea Change election.

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  1. STS says:

    Bush in Israel was a new low. Foreign policy differences stop at the waters’ edge? Hah! Not when Mr. Petulance wants to make yet another embarrassingly stupid Hitler analogy.

    It will be very interesting to watch the gay marriage issue in California. I’m not sure I share your confidence that the state is “over it”.

  2. BobbyG says:

    As of late morning yesterday, an L.A. times poll, with more than 33,000 respondents at the time, was running 77% – 23% in favor of the CA Supreme Court gay marriage ruling. The homophobe fundie and other “cultural conservative” nitwits can go right ahead with their Quixotic whining.

  3. BobbyG says:


    Byrd endorses Obama

    Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., has just announced that he’s endorsing Barack Obama for president…

  4. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    If so, Byrd has come a long way.

  5. STS says:


    An online poll is unlikely to be reliable, but those numbers are encouragingly ‘libertarian’.

  6. BobbyG says:

    STS, yeah, of course, particularly since it’s L.A. and within L.A. probably skewed toward gay-rights leaning respondents. But, I’d bet a majority of CA voters statewide are minimally indifferent to pro-rights on the issue.

  7. Rick Turner says:

    The right wing keeps trying to drum up support by playing the gay card. I think there are more important issues that will sway voters this year. If that’s the most pressing issue for them, god help them (to see the error in their ways…).

  8. Morgan Warstler says:

    There’s penty of Red Meat to throw the 35% of the population that makes up the Republican base – without having to put Gay Rights in play. Any number of issues will lock true believers down in November, no reason for it to be about gay rights – it’ll be unfortunate if McCain/Obama turn it into a politcal issue.

    Gays are actually natural Republicans – they are richer than everybody else – and your aren’t “really” equal if you are rich and still feel you HAVE to vote Democrat.

  9. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan- Some times your logic is so twisted it makes me smile. I’ve been following this Texas congressman, Jeb Hensarling. My guess is you’ve probably done some work for him. He’s freaking out the Republicans are going to run on a moderate/liberal platform this fall. what do you think?

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