Multitudes for Obama

75,000 come out in Portland just to prove the networks are wrong when they say Barack can’t attract White men and women.

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  1. zak says:

    I read on another blog this morning that prior to the Portland rally, the line to get in was running 15 blocks long. He’s the Bono of the political world.

  2. borealdreams says:

    I was 10 blocks from the entrance 2 hours before the security gates opened. 1000s of people passed us to find the end of the line, some 15-20 blocks beyond our waiting spot!

    It was amazing! Unbelievable turnout!

    Can McCain or Hillary draw in these crowds of supporters? I wouldn’t risk betting the morning paper on it;)

    Pictures from in the Rally!

  3. BobbyG says:

    Sheikh bin al JeremiahBaraBitterBlackHusseinFarrakhaMadrassaSharpton

    Dude be rockin!

  4. michaelmeme says:

    I stayed home – it was stinkin’ hot – just shy of record temps. Fortunately I did see Obama on his visit earlier this year.

    More impressive in my mind is the 3,200 people that turned out in Pendleton. That’s one out of three registered Democrats in the county.

  5. Morgan Warstler says:

    “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,”

    Are you fucking kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

    Obama is on crack.

  6. Patrick Freeman says:


    What are you on?

  7. Morgan Warstler says:

    Obviously, not crack.

  8. Noel McCarthy says:

    Obama on crack? – meanwhile, people such as yourself (Morgan-‘Junk mail mogal’) are choking on your own excess – Sounds to me like your monthly nut has you a wee bit nervous.

  9. Rachel says:

    I believe Morgan is on Craque. The upmarket libertarian version of the drug.

  10. Azmanon says:

    Maybe it’s Kraack, the rock bottom discount stuff imported via government subsidized lucrative military affairs over in… South Libertaristan

  11. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Raw egoism.

  12. Jason Dragon says:

    An obama win would be a disaster for our country. Does he really think that we need to go back to where we were decades ago. We have success, and with good ideas we can bring our success to anywhere that wants it. John McCain is not the ideal choice but at least he is not a disaster, he would actually be fairly good I think.

    Jason Dragon

  13. JR says:


    I don’t know how you know how well Weather Vane McCain will lead. He’s been on every side of almost every issue during his career. Anti tax cut / pro tax cut, in Iraq for 50 years / out by 2013, pro campaign finance reform / under-cutting the same laws his “reform” established, anti torture / OK with torture straight talk – double talk. He doesn’t even know the difference between Sunnis and Shiite!

    Not a disaster?????

  14. Rick Turner says:

    Too bad to see the invasion of the trolls here…

  15. Ken Ballweg says:

    And so unnecessary giving that we have our Resident Troll.

  16. Morgan Warstler says:

    Wait a minute, none of you answered the key part here – you just focused on the ‘crack” joke and you better sharpen up your analysis, Obama just told everyone that us getting along with everyone, being kept in everyone elses high regard – we have to:

    1. Buy new cars.
    2. Not eat as much as we want.
    3. Forgo our “what feels nice” way of heating/cooling our homes.

    NOTE: You all own that noise. Your guy is telling America we ARE TO BLAME for being attacked, for being hated because we are comfortable. And certainly, a guy who that quickly goes from UNDERSTANDING WHY someone hates us, to ACCEPTING IT as something we have to change – is totally going to be the new topic of debate.

    NOTE #2: Obama is on crack.

  17. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan- Stop fulminating. As it becomes more apparent your side is in for a massive loss this year, you get more hysterical. Just stop it. I thought conservatives were supposed to be happy.

    What many of us have been saying for months here is that we ARE going to have to change our wasteful life style. And that will be a great positive for the whole country.

    Why don’t you suggest some cool ways we could do that? You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

    To all–the trolls will go away in a day. They have short attention spans.

  18. Chris Trebaol says:

    Morgan, I think Obama means that if we’re going to tell the world to put a cork in their coal and fossil fuel usage, as well as try and put us on the mends with our alliance partners we have to do something about ourselves. Our SUV’s are problem when asking countries to limit oil usage, our heaters are the coal, there are other ways to cool a house besides a machine the size of a refrigerator, and as for the food…well we are fat asses.

  19. Chris Trebaol says:

    Oh, and we weren’t attacked by the terrorists for our standard of living, we were attacked for reasons beyond just “ideological differences”.

  20. BobbyG says:

    The U.S. contains ~5% of world population, while consuming ~25% of energy resources. Long-term, that will only continue at the tip of a missile. (Problematic, that.)

    More broadly, respected environmental scientists such as Tim Flannery point out that humanity is currently consuming ~125% of the planet’s carrying capacity, a figure expected to go to around 200% by 2050, left unchecked.

    We are today increasingly consuming the future.

    But, we can all walk blindly into decimation, I guess.

  21. Morgan Warstler says:

    Jon, “my” side is anti-farm bill – “your” side is pro-farm bill. Let’s remember who is guilty of what.

    We have already flattened our consumption of oil. The answer is NOT about everyone learning to live like Obama did in Indonesia.

    Obama needs to say, “I’m going to let people invest in instead of paying taxes.”

    Obama needs to say, “Sales taxes on 32MPG+ cars will be considered a 100% federal tax credit.”

    Obama needs to say, “Money spent on making your home high efficiency, will be tax deductions.”

    This is all a positive re-investment strategy for the federal government, all done by collecting less taxes – and it will be a BOOM for We aren’t anti-growth – capitalistic growth is the only way “your side” is going to get more tax revenues. We are anti-waste.

  22. STS says:

    What makes Morgan entertaining is that his contributions display such dramatic contrasts.
    He wants us all to be Victory Gardeners for Iraq, but is offended by the idea that we might want to turn the thermostat down a little.

    We’re going to turn down the thermostats and develop alternative energy because the *price* is finally signaling it’s time. Trolls may enjoy saying Obama is going to force this on us, or subject us to earnest, Puritanical moralizing a la Jimmy Carter, but the truth is Obama is just repeating the message from the market.

    McCain wants to keep us all addicted to petro-crack so we don’t have to face the ugly results of Plutocratic (aka Republican) socialism for the rich.

  23. Morgan Warstler says:

    STS, you can get this- TURN UP/DOWN the thermostat because of the war! That’s a great message. It is one WE ALL can support.

    But that’s not what Obama said. We aren’t going to convince China / India / Africa / Middle East – to be environmentally sound by us suffering – and more importantly, “being a good leader” isn’t going to get this country to cut back.

  24. STS says:


    Obama is just stating the obvious: we enjoy an extremely energy-intensive affluence which other nations notice. The thought will cross their minds — fairly or not — that maybe we’re being energy hogs. And this might not leave the very nicest impression on them. Next time you get cut off in traffic by an SUV driven one-handed by somebody yakking on a cell phone you just might have a momentary flash of the reaction our vast consumption induces around the world.

    I’m not against affluence, nor do I think that kind of resentment justifies violence. But mindlessly provoking such reactions rubs salt into wounded pride.

    Obama is not a socialist — he isn’t going to impose energy conservation by fiat. Neither is he going to try to jaw-bone us into cutting back like Carter. The market will take care of that (although Pigouvian taxes on energy starting about 35 years ago would have made us incalculably richer today).

    The point of this kind of public comment from Obama is political in the best sense. Just as his 2004 convention speech gave a nod to opposing sensibilities with passages like:

    We worship an awesome God in the blue states, and we don’t like federal agents poking around our libraries in the red states. We coach little league in the blue states and, yes, we’ve got some gay friends in the red states.

    By giving both sides their “props” for their good qualities, he is providing an example of constructive dialog.

    In foreign policy, a refusal to give simple verbal acknowledgment of grievances (such as “you guys are energy hogs”) is unhelpful. What too many Republicans don’t understand (or pretend not to understand) is that simply acknowledging obvious facts is not the same as surrender. You will get more out of a negotiation if your use of language is respectful and measured rather than deliberately belittling and provocative.

    I know from people near the events that Obama was elected President of Harvard Law Review in no small part because the conservative minority among the electors felt he was a better listener than the other liberal contender. He may well win the Presidency of the United States for the same reason.

    Among my hopes for an Obama Administration is that he’ll apply that same talent to foreign policy and get us agreements that improve our geopolitical and environment security without trading away our essential rights. Only a hope, but I think better justified with Obama than with McCain.

  25. gage says:

    Morgan, if it’ll make it more palatable for you, just think of it as an extension to Bush’s “we are addicted to oil” speech. Of course, Bush didn’t suggest any ways we might break our addiction so Obama is just filling in the blanks. I think they call that “straight talk.” *snark*

  26. Morgan Warstler says:

    My point STS, is that Obama could choose to say:

    A. you have to cut, so others respect us.
    B. you have to cut, to support our troops.

    He was playing to his crowd – Oregon greenies – but that proves, he isn’t delivering any HARD message to anyone.

    And B is much more effective foreign policy. This might be war some of are against, but we can all sacrifice for it. We can all use less oil because we are having to fight for it.

  27. borealdreams says:

    @ STS, what do you propose he says to “cut” to support the troops? I suggest we sacrifice Golf. Oh wait the Great Sacrificifacator beat me to it!

    mince words based on parsed statements, then claim someone else needs to change their statements so the exact same message is relayed in your language? get a clue and also buy another 10-12 “Support our Troops” stickers to put on your clubs to show you solidarity with the troops.

  28. STS says:


    I don’t quite follow you, but I certainly agree President Bush’s ‘sacrifice’ of golf is typical of his tin-ear on the home front of his war. Sacrifice seems to be a social duty of military families and pretty much no one else in his world.


    You are right that Victory Garden style conservation would be widely accepted — except that the sitting President has spent the entire six and a half years since 9/11 telling us that our social duty is to shop. A bit late to ‘clarify’ what our home front responsibilities are.

    And, no Obama is not delivering a hard message to green Oregonians this week. He *is* a politican ๐Ÿ˜‰ But his willingness to buck the bipartisan McCain-Clinton gas tax holiday pander-fest is encouraging. Who knew you could get away with calling BS on a bribe of – what – $30/vote? Maybe not a really HARD truth, but at least he thinks his voters can scorn such a cheap attempt to buy their allegiance.

  29. borealdreams says:

    ah, apologies STS, it was a typo. it was meant to be to Morgan.

    although labeling us “Oregon Greenies” is slightly degrading and completely dismissing a growing percentage of the democratic base, one that is putting traditionally red states in the west into play, such as Colorado & Nevada.

    “Oregon Greenies” is analogous to all those people who moved from the uptight, clicky east to the western states for a more enjoyable life based loosely on increased activities in the “out-of-doors” instead of keeping up with the Jones, 3.2 kids, 2.6 cars, etc.

    And seeing that the west is growing by leaps and bounds as the east stagnates in its old ways, we are not to be underestimated. I think Obama knows this, and luckily the republican strategists are too stupid to realize it. let’s keep this a secret ok ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Hugo says:

    I’ll say this for Barack Obama: He’s Not Butter.

    Everywhere I go, when I ask people to play NAME BARACK, they all agree, with me, that the man definitely Is Not Butter.

  31. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    I disagree. Obama is definitely butter. I completely disagree.

  32. Hugo says:

    But he’s NOT butter, Tennessee! My hopes are pinned on that man who stands steadfastly as Other Than Butter. And I’m the kind who dances with them what brung ya, and dammit I’m dancing with Other Than Butter!

    Line in the sand, Col. Travis. (Or in Oregon, or wherever…)

  33. Hugo says:

    …and…and, you know what, Tennessee? What BETTER not to be than butter? Huh? Huh??

    That’s my point. This country has had a painful, long, humiliating lesson in What Not To Be, and bigod, this young meteor is showing us that that’s precisely what he’s not! And I, for one, say: if you can’t bring yourself to rejoice in that, then I can. And will.

    You know what, Tennessee? Don’t even get me started, because I know more things he’s not than you could ever imagine (he’s not). So THERE.

    Don’t believe me?

    Just don’t try me.

  34. Morgan Warstler says:

    STS, I actually am quite glad to have either Obama or McCain pitch belt tightening based on our war involvement.

    And certainly it would have been to GREAT for bush to do it earlier, but I “think” it had something to do with devaluing the dollar and running up the deficit – so the Dems couldn’t buy votes.

    But certainly, we’re going to be in Iraq plenty l0ng enough for either of them to demand it for the right reasons. And i really do believe, it is healthy to give Oregon Greenies something to be patriotic about, in case it turns out there is no global warming.

  35. Hugo says:

    It is not about that for Obama, Morgan, and nor is it any of the other things you so artfully suggest it’s not.

    Barack Obama is not the person you even think he’s not.

    He’s all about Change.

  36. Morgan Warstler says:

    I’m here to help Hugo. I’m here to help.

  37. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:


    I was just joking off. As you must know. The problem with the joke is that is was not funny. Not in the least. There may be some things better not to be than butter. I don’t know about that. I am aware that you know more things heโ€™s not than I could ever imagine (heโ€™s not), although I could imagine he’s not everything. For instance, he is not more than I could ever imagine. If, however, he is any part of what I have feverishly imagined (he is), the world will be a better place. I imagined this last deal as super bad, and it was much worse . Hipper is better. Zapata is right. Thank you for straightening this out.


  38. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    And I meant, of course, it was not funny, not is was not funny, although is was not funny is funnier. At any rate, what I was saying was I agree with you. That’s why I wrote that I didn’t agree with you. We have to remain flexible. Do you agree? I shall now return to rejoicing.

  39. Hugo says:

    That was not a compliment, was it not?

  40. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    If it wasn’t, it will be soon.

    TV or not TV, that is the question.

  41. Another Jon says:


  42. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Exactly. Exactly right. Where are all the “libertarians” now?

  43. Hugo says:

    They’re not where you don’t think they are. That’s for sure.

  44. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    And also for unsure. Bastards.

  45. Hugo says:

    Yeah, exactly. I say we cancel their votes.

  46. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Or just play an impractical joke on them.

    That might not be the final solution, but it would be a start. That is for damn sure.

  47. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    ””””””’ ”””’ ””””’ ”” ”””””’ ‘ ”’ ”””’ ” ””””””””’ ”””””””’ “”””””””” “”””” “” “””””” ” “”””” “” “”””” “”” “””””” ”
    “”””” “”””””” “””””””” “”””””” “”””””” “””” “””” “””
    “”””” ””’ ”””””’ ””” ””””” ””” ”’ ”””” ””””’ ”””””’ ””””’
    “””””””’ “””””’ “””””””‘ ”””’ ”””””” ””” ”””””‘ ””'”””””

  48. Hugo says:


    { }.

  49. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Thank you for your short but tedious note.

  50. Hugo says:

    ” “”””””, “” ‘ “” ‘ “””’; ”’ ‘ ””!”

    Victor Borge ’08!

  51. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    And thank you for that elucidation.

    A Real Dead President!

    And funny.

    Now we are getting somewhere.


  52. Hugo says:

    “Barack Obama: His Bag is Not a Toy”. (And not several other things, and not a bag at all.)

    Well yes, let us, even we, HERE and NOW, take it upon ourselves to I-DEN-TI-FY those dead presidents who—

    though dead they may be—

    might deliver us from the Politics of the Past to the POLITICS OF THE


    I call upon you to join me in this great endeavor.

  53. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Well, Victor Borge is an obvious first choice. Plays piano better than Nixon. Funnier than, well every politician who ever tried to crack a joke, combined.

    I’ll have a hard damn time topping Borge, but I’ll work to put together a list of names. Or name.

    I’ll get back to you on this. One name that comes immediately to mind is, of course, Francis Bacon. He would seem to capture the spirit of the current political environment, and would, I think, be able to paint his way out of this corner.

  54. Paul says:

    why are some of white folks against obama? do they not know that his mother is white. why look at him purely black would accept the fact he could be the next president of the united states.

  55. Hugo says:

    THAT’S IT, TENNESSEE! It came to me on the other string:

    JULIA CHILD ’08!

    Caesar’s Ghost, why did it not come to me sooner?

    I’m still good for Bacon on the No. 2 spot (though I’d prefer Chagall right now, so perhaps we’ve agreed on Blake…)

  56. Tennessee Williams Shakespeare says:

    Julia Chile?!? For President?

    I just don’t think she’s dead enough.

    I would prefer someone much deader.

    How about a Norwegian?

  57. Hugo says:

    “Chile”, Saphire? “Chile”? That’s awfulliest Texas for a blogger name-a Tennessee.

    Norwegians. Right. Good point. Well, we do rather owe it Amundsen, yes.

    But just let’s please keep Frida Kahlo out of this. Not Norwegian enough.

  58. Tennessee William Shakespeare says:

    I have to agree about Ms. Kahlo. I don’t think this country is ready for a woman Dead President. I would think the same maxim would apply for Ms. Child (as it is spelled), for that matter.

    I nominate Edvard Greig. I think that has a ring to it- Dead President Edvard Grieg.

    We could put him on the new million dollar bill. Or the Amero.

  59. Hugo says:

    Grieg it is, then, and VP Amundsen to the rescue should anything happen to Edvard.

    I can’t wait to hear the maestro’s Griegspiel.

    I thought the million-dollar thing was supposed to be a coin, though. Wasn’t it?

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