John McCain's Double Speak

John McCain takes George Orwell’s notion of “Doublethink” to new heights–Doublespeak in Bob Greenwalds new piece.

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8 Responses to John McCain's Double Speak

  1. Paulette says:

    The ‘straight-talker’ is a blubbering idiot…

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  2. trzupek says:

    Tres Cool. How’s that workin’ for the other side, by the by? Will we see anything about Obama urging us to legitimize the thugs in Iran and Hamas, and later denying that he ever suggested it? Will we see the Annointed One trashing our only democratic ally in the Middle East – Israel – and then later praising that beleaguered nation? Not expecting you to actually post such troubling notions, but hey – some of us continue to wonder…

  3. Thaddeus Dombrowski says:

    He’s talking straight out of both sides of his mouth.

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  5. wagonjak says:

    Good one Bobby!

  6. bademus says:

    This is a gem!

  7. John McCain is also a very good politician. he did not win because the people are not satisfied on the Republicans.:`”

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