Kevin James is an Idiot

LA Radio right wing talk show host Kevin James wins the award for the biggest brainless windbag of 2008. It get’s really rich at the 4 minute mark.

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  1. Patrick Freeman says:

    “Biggest” brainless windbag of 2008? Tall order. But he gets my vote. What a goddam moron. Good luck out there in LA.

  2. BobbyG says:

    Yeah, that was priceless. 112,000+ subsequent views in the first day. LOL! What a brainstem.

  3. gage says:

    So is appeaser the new buzz word? Well, I’m glad. It’s about time they retire flip-flopper.

  4. gage says:

    And why does Kevin James make me think of someone doing a bad impression of Don Knots in a Barney Fife rant?

  5. Vikar says:

    What killed me was that he attempted to shoot down Richard Clarke’s book, “Against All Enemies” with the abortion right wing slanted, “The Path to 9-11” – which has been debunked for its many, many, inaccuracies and attempted to place the Bush Administration in a good light.

    Damn appeasers…

  6. says:

    Kevin James = Douchebag

  7. 142gal says:

    I’m not surprised. I’m an evangelical Christian, and the station Kevin James is on – KRLA – I know the network KRLA is a part of. It’s a network that claims to be a Christian network.

    This is “business as usual” for them. This network does this over and over and over again. And they never apologize or show remorse for their lies and misinformation. And if you challenge them, they send their toadies after you to pressure you to keep your mouth shut.

    Here’s what another of this network’s talk show hosts did.

    Several years ago I was one of the key leaders for a ballot measure to get insurance coverage for naturopaths, chiropractors. Th talk show hosts on that network’s affiliate in Portland – along with Right to Life – spread lies about our group all over the state – that the “real” reason we were working to get this ballot measure passed as so that we could get naturopaths and chiropractors to do legal abortions. And that we were in cahoots with Planned Parenthood.

    The truth? I am an evangelical Christian who opposes legalized abortion. I was at every meeting our organization had. In fact I chaired most of the meetings. Planned Parenthood was not there – and they wouldn’t have been welcome.

    Naturopaths and chiropractors don’t even DO abortions. Abortions are major surgery, not in their legal scope of practice. What are they going to do? Tell their patients to sleep under electric blankets or to drink lots of coffee?

    See the same silliness as this whole strange concept of appeasement?

    But…this radio station persisted. I called the station, explained I am a Christian, and politely tried to correct their falsehoods. I was hung up on – live- by one of the talk show hosts – on the air. I was rudely brushed off. All the talk show hosts continued. I eventually wound up moving out of Portland – because I had been slandered across the entire northern Willamette Valley.

    This network is not interested in truth. Every so often, I still read in the paper something has happened in Portland where this network’s affiliate as made some major blunder broadcasting falsehoods – and were caught in the act.

    They don’t care about the truth. They never apologize. They have no guilt.

    When they are caught, they use spin-control – and make it YOUR fault. “YOU shouldn’t be so judgmental. YOU should be more patient with them.” I have been shunned by the Christian community over and over again – because I refuse to overlook this network’s unrepentant heart and persistence in lying.

    I DO believe in being patient with others’ mistakes. I ALSO believe people who continue to make a mockery of God’s name PUBLICLY need to be held accountable by God’s people.

    This network persists because too few people in the Christian community will stand up to them or hold them accountable. People are afraid of them because they are very powerful and very wealthy. They will come after you.

    Thank you, Chris Matthews – for being one of those rare people with the guts to stand up to them! God will clean house eventually when His people refuse to.

  8. I cant get enough says:

    I watched this 5 times, I am watching this again. This guy is funny as heck! This guy is an idiot, but he was a federal prosecutor. Should his cases be reviewed? I would hate to think that he caused someone to go to jail, not that they were not guilty, but there had to be malpractice on someone’s part.

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