John Edward's Endorsement

I think the Edwards endorsement is very important. First it shows that once again the Obama political organization is world class. They just stomped all over Hillary’s W. VA moment and got the lead on the evening news.

Second, Edwards revived his “two America’s” theme and tied it in to Obama’s ability to end the regime where the American Oligarchs (Big Oil, Pharma, Media,Military Industrial, Finance) call the tune in Washington.

Finally, he represents the New South, unlike the portrayal of tobacco chewing crackers, who would never vote for a Black Man–or even a man from the same party as the Blackman. The whole Republican strategy is to use a tactic that TOTALLY FAILED, EVEN IN MISSISSIPPI, i.e. race-baiting to beat Obama. There are still bigots in America, but they are a small but vocal minority.

America is a very different place than John and Cindy McCain live in. America does not own private jets and $100 million beer distributorships. The Republican loss in Mississippi fortells a Democratic landslide–a throw the bums out election. If McCain wants to have an open argument about whether we should continue the direction of the country that George Bush, John McCain and the Republican Party have taken us, or have a real change–this is a debate we need to have.

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  1. zestypete says:

    On the race issue, this snip from BBC News site on Clinton’s West Virginia win ( caught me a bit by surprise, but maybe it shouldn’t have:

    “Around a fifth of the state’s predominantly white Democratic primary voters admitted that the issue of race had played a role in their choice of candidate. This was a higher figure than in almost any other state.

    “Of course, it’s hard to tell how many of those voters really will break with generations-old Democratic traditions and favour Mr McCain in November, but it’s safe to assume that some will.

    “Among them, I would guess, will be 77-year-old Miss Hale, who told me in Yesterdays diner in Logan that she didn’t like Obama’s ‘Muslim faith’ and Eugene, who casually mentioned – as he was sitting in the barber’s chair – that his father didn’t want blacks in his house, let alone in the White House.”

  2. Zhirem says:

    As a man who caucused for Edwards in Iowa, I can certainly say that nothing makes me more excited about November than an Obama/Edwards ticket.

    I have no idea if that is in the cards, but it would have my full-support. And many others in my district as well. If you took Obama’s numbers from the Iowa caucus in my district and combined it with the Edwards numbers, you would have something like 90% of the Dem voting block there.

    – Zhirem

  3. MS says:

    Interesting pundit evaluation of Edwards’ endorsement, that it is primarily targeted to the SuperDelegates, showing that momentum is totally in Obama’s direction.

    Timing is everything, in that the announcement significantly overshadows Hillary’s West Va. win.

    Happily, Hillary has been quick to join the chorus of Democrats denouncing Bush’s comments in Israel on Obama as a “Nazi appeaser.” Even the McCain-friendly press is noticing that Obama no longer stands alone against Bush and McCain in their insulting swiftboat attempts!

  4. rhb says:

    There is an element of our makeup that is related to the way we draw analogies that makes it easy for someone to suggest an idea to us without any proof and even less logic. As a matter of fact, it appears to me that the less logical it is the more likely it is to be accepted. This sort of idea play is something the Republican party has become very adept at over the years. Coated in patriotism, flag wrapped, and down right christian, these folks have learned that if they call the other guy a hated name most of their followers are ready and willing to buy into it. This “Hilter” meme has come to light in relation to Hillary and now Obama. Just plain common sense makes you want to ask “What?” as though you can’t be hearing right, right? But see that’s the game. Now the idea is out there, being bruited about. This technique is a house specialty for the Coultergeists. It’s funny in a way, since the first person I thought of in the aftermath of 9/11 and the Bush backed neocon invasion of privacy under the guise of “patriotic duty” was Hitler.

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