That Boring Republican Convention

Turns out the Ron Paul Revolution is getting ready for a revival.

Under radar of most people, the forces of Rep. Ron Paul have been organizing across the country to stage an embarrassing public revolt against Sen. John McCain when Republicans gather for their national convention in Minnesota at the beginning of September.

That should be fun to watch. A platform fight about the Iraq War would be a good place to start.

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0 Responses to That Boring Republican Convention

  1. William Jackson says:

    I voted for Ron Paul because I thought the Republican Party had drifted away form fiscal conservatism and small government ideals.

  2. zak says:

    Will Ron Paul be to the Republicans what Nader was to the Democrats in 2000?

    Nader jumped into a black hole when he entered the fray this year because Americans actually believe there’s a worthwhile Democrat to back, but considering voters are still picking Paul, Huckabee, and Romney in small, but cumulatively noteworthy numbers. . . it might be their turn for a 3rd candidate conundrum

  3. STS says:

    What about Bob Barr? Time for a Paul/Barr fusion ticket…

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