Harvey Bullies Nancy

I’ve tangled with some bullies in my life, but Harvey Weinstein is surely at the top of my list. When I sold the film Shineto one of his rivals, he hunted me down at dinner in Sundance and put me up against the wall. He doesn’t like to be on the losing team and his long time relationship with the Clintons has him staring defeat in the face. So what does he do? He threatens Nancy Pelosi to cut off the money to the DCCC unless she personally embraces his plan to privately finance a new primary for Florida and Michigan.

Since Harvey and Bill Clinton’s other patron (who are they, Bill?) are going to finance this little oligopolistic fiasco, I assume they will also be in charge of counting the votes. General Pinochet would be proud.

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  1. Ken Ballweg says:

    So little comment on Dean’s recent flat statement on (was it the Daily Show, I think?) that Fl. and Mi. “will be seated.”

    Wishful thinking? Or plan in place? The backroom brokering on this one has to make Harvey just one of a roomful of heavy weight egos playing full contact political sumo.

  2. BobbyG says:

    Just another hardworking white American doin’ his thing.

  3. Andy says:

    I think the one’s who claim this campaign is tearing apart the Democratic party are wrong. It’s just exposing the worst sides of it for all to see. It’s slowly becoming obvious who is pandering to corporate interests and who actually represents the people they were elected to represent. This can only end well.

  4. Hugo says:

    In the Time of Petromania, this is some seriously hog-octane stuff. The Clintons are just now a two-headed beast backed into a corner. At this time of heightened danger it seems best to address the cornered beast in calming and respectful tones.

    Later, the rendering plant.

  5. Hugo says:

    Excuse my iPhone; I meant of course “high-octane”, not the hoggy kind.

  6. John Hurt says:

    Hog octane, given the subject, seemed inspired. Until, that is, you credited, or as you would have it, blamed your iPhone. You, kind sir, are an artist who has yet to learn to leave well enough alone.

    Once you have absorbed this important lesson, the spirit of Jonathan Swift will once again be loosed on this tragic land.

    As Miles Davis said, “Don’t worry about mistakes, there aren’t any.”

  7. Another Jon says:

    I agree.
    “Hog-octane” has now made its way into my lexicon.

  8. Jon Taplin says:

    Hugo- You are inspired. JH is right. Never blame it on the i-Phone.

  9. rhbee says:

    I’d have to say the “hogs” have had it this time. It’s back to razor back land for them.

  10. Hugo says:

    Ah, but I’m from the land o’ the Dawgs. And anyway, I like Jon’s elegant, vaguely equestrian aphorism, “Never blame it on the iPhone.”

    Maybe that’s “Zen Moment III”, Taplin Sensei?

  11. rhb says:

    Jon, this might seem mindless but I am just checking out if the machine that built us is taking charge. (see emoticon) Meanwhile, and more on track, it seems to e that for all our high minded thinking and real progress towards the changing of the guard, I can’t help feel that the teeter has too far tottered to get us back the sense of nobility it will take to make a New Federalism work.

  12. Hugo says:

    From the ridiculous to the sublime, rhb. How dare you.

    “I am just checking out if the machine that built us is taking charge.” Funny, me too. There must be others. Personally I suspect Jon Taplin, but don’t tell nobody.

    Yes, unless by “machine” you wish to distinguish our Mod who birthed us from our present postmod bods and prosthetic iPods, that Ma-chine is the object of my attention too. Not long ago I realized I’d spent my life greasing the damned thing. Now, I feel I’m in Chapter 11 with the karma court.

    Can you pinpoint any of the more or less precise modes or mechanisms that make the Ma-chine so rapacious toward her own? I’ve been looking at some suspects, and it’s a harsh safari. (I study the history of childhood and child-rearing, so you can just imagine.) One of the beast’s traces that come to the attention of this old tracker: which are the forces and folkways that would prevent an outbreak of radical humanism?

    This violates our standing agreement not to use -isms as prisms, but I reckon since that one, humanism, has become an archaISM, maybe I could get away with it. Anyway, it seems to be the common denominator in Jon’s NF parlour.

    What spooks the scarecrow?

  13. John Hurt says:

    Hooray, St V! You, kind sir, are a stone killer.

    This sort of thing right above absolves of your treachery to the race, such as it is.

    If we have to change the world without having any fun, well just count me out. If, that is, you haven’t done so already and I certainly wouldn’t blame you.

    Now. The new Federalism must be part DaDa, part YaYa, all Gris Gris. These people are not to be reasoned with. The only understand one thing- upside the head with the branch of a tree.

    I have some good Buckminster Fuller stories when I’m not so drunk. My mentor was his lifelong friend.

    And now for a poem.

    What spooks the scarecrow? Zippo.

  14. Hugo says:

    Zippo, even? Cool.

    The faith of OUR fathers is democracy. We see democracy as a system of government, or governance. A system.

    They didn’t see it that way. The hardcore ones saw it as a discipline. And for that matter, as an especially challenging discipline.

    Our “system” doesn’t work because it’s a Stomping Interloper. It stands in the place of what is supposed to be the People’s natural exercise and expression of their discipline, democracy.

    Dewey spent 50 years putting his huge brain against the wheel of democracy. He first guessed, and then concluded, and proved time and again, that democracy is an art form; or, actually, several art forms.

    We’re just not as competent, as disciplined, as we need to be to face our times. That’s all.

    Calling all artists!

  15. Hugo says:

    There is something there, though, John. There is, I’m certain of it. An Achilles’ Heel of some sort. Probably several of them, of…some…sort.

    A-hunting we will go! (In case of accidents I always take my mom.)

  16. John Hurt says:


    I want to say in all sincerity that I am grateful for your perspective and wise, if you will forgive me for saying so, counsel. And, for that matter, inspiration.

    Meanwhile, out there in the universe, big wheels are turning. I can hear them.

  17. John Hurt says:

    There *is* something there. I’m certain of it, as well.

    That poem was on the lighter side.

  18. Hugo says:

    Ah, life Zippotudinous! Nah. Wouldn’t mistake you for a nihilist, Tennessee. More Zapatista than Nietschean zipperhead, I should think.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    (And don’t tell nobody, but what spooks the scarecrow, aside from Rita the meter maid, is my ex-wife.)

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