Obama On A Roll

Barack & Michelle

I’ve always believed that the best guage of how well a politician is doing is the domination of the news cycle. I’m just back from a 17 hour flight from Singapore. On the NBC Nightly News, Barack had the first 9 minutes. The whole hour interview put up on line, has had a huge number of hits. His walk through the House reminded people that he is a rock star.

Hillary is freaking out, saying that she is the candidate for “older white voters. Howard Wolfson, her chief flack is supposedly negotiating a kiss and tell book deal, so the crew are already getting ready to abandon ship. On Oberman tonight, Jonathan Alter suggested that Hillary’s camp is trying to pull Lyndon Johnson’s power move in 1960, in which he got Kennedy to offer him the VP slot in return for his ending a convention floor fight. That would be a travesty, which Barack would never even consider.

Meanwhile John McCain has already resorted to late October rhetoric by saying the Hamas has endorsed Obama. He is really looking cuckoo and if you are trying thowing last minute dirt in May, you need a new script, as Newt Gingrich has suggested. But McCain may have some other problems on his mind.

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