The Fat Lady Is Just Off Stage

I know Bill and Hillary are worth $50 million, but the question of whether they will keep lending their campaign millions more is probably the source of some real family discussion tonight. All Bill got out of his six days of campaigning in North Carolina was a sunburn. The word is that Bill has loaned her another $6.4 Million this month. Even thought Rush Limbaugh will be crowing in the morning that his Operation Chaos provided Hillary’s margin of victory in Indiana, that is not enough reason for Bill to have to work four days a week for the rest of the year on the lecture circuit to pay for this charade. Perhaps discretion is the better part of valor.

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  1. jonolan says:

    LOL Well, keeping Bill on the road and exhausted may keep him out of Huma Abedin’s panties – or give Hillary more time to get into them herself.

  2. I think Clinton is a rational politician and will put the party first now.

  3. Morgan Warstler says:

    Smart analysis from David Brooks:

    “The upshot is that McCain will have no choice but to run an untraditional campaign. Anything that smacks of traditional Republican tactics or philosophy will go down in flames.

    In 2004, only about 10 percent of the electorate was really undecided. Now about 36 percent is undecided. That’s a lot of votes to play for.

    It’s now nearly certain Obama and McCain will be the ones to play for them. But both nominees are wounded. Both will have to change.”

  4. Danny Kenny says:

    I wonder if his donations to her are going to be taken into consideration during the divorce settlement. I think he’s too clever to not have something up his sleeve….

  5. JR says:

    No that’s not a Fat Lady, that’s Tim Russert. I’m surprised you don’t recognize him.

  6. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan- Watch Obama pivot to a general election campaign against McCain now. It’s much easier for him to move to the center than for McCain who has so little trust from the base anyway.

  7. Hugo says:

    A most astute observation in my magnificent opinion, O Globetrotting One. The unprincipled McCain is wearing cement shoes, all right. What a peculiar predicament for a megalomaniac who spent two decades trying to become The Transformer, only to be so thoroughly out-elasticized (apologies) by Barry-Come-Lately.

    But that still leaves the messy matter of The Fat Lady and his wife. The wife has not done a graceful thing in her life, so I don’t think we can expect her either to bow out or to curtsy. If she goes, she’ll do it in a ball gown and lip-sync to Madonna as Saint Evita. With her personal Fat Lady as either Juan or Che, depending on that morning’s polling brief.

    Then again, the pull is so strong, and the flesh so weak. Sure, the math sucks, but Terry the Top isn’t finished Rolfing the decimal point. So don’t be surprised if he turns up press-available at 3:30 in Punxsutawney to announce that having seen the double digits from the other side he can with confidence forecast another six weeks of campaigning. (Or is that Bernanke’s job this week?)

  8. rhb says:

    Anyone notice the clever denial reported on CNN this morning from the McCain camp that he in fact did support Bush in 2000?

  9. zak says:

    The LA Times corroborated Huffington’s report of the night. Another woman stepped forward to say she heard the same from the McCains

  10. Greg says:


    Indeed a good part (2/3rd ?) of Obama’s speech last night did exactly that — it transitioned to talking about how ‘we’ are going to ban together to fight George Bush’s 3rd term w/ John McCain. It was subtle, but the speech was moving past the struggle with Senator Clinton as if it was already over and onto the next challenge.

    gratuitous starwars/barack/hillary montage:

  11. Hugo says:

    Hillary has announced that she’s staying in. She must have a helluva dossier on Obama, and a willingness to show it around to at least some of the big funders. This is going to get hideous in a hurry. Despicably so.

  12. jonolan says:


    That’s certainly possible, but also remember that a lot of people who’ve interfered with the Clintons have ended dead under strange circumstances.

  13. Greg says:

    Hugo — Two primaries ago they said Hillary should step down too, but she always stays. A pundit on NPR suggested that allowing HRC to stay in allows Hillary her dignity, thats why they said that Al Gore is not going to announce his backing until after the Dem. Nominee has been picked. This way he doesn’t cross his old allies, the Clintons. One can only speculate that he is probably dieing to openly support Obama but can’t.

  14. Hugo says:

    Agreed, Greg. I was just playing around with the surrealism of Hillary “bowing out gracefully”; you gotta admit the thought of it does invite absurdist humor.

    I agreed with Jon on the Tonya string some time ago that the Clintons can’t be dragged off the stage, and that in the meantime there will be a real possibility that they will strike the set themselves before going at last. She’s got her biggest guns out there right now warning superdelegates of a likely “October surprise” at Obama’s expense. You can translate that any way you like, but in any language except possibly Hawaiian it comes out, as Morgan puts it, “stupid ugly”. She and Bill need millions yesterday, and she wouldn’t have announced her intransigence today unless she’d talked to some very deep-pockets people in the preceeding ten hours or so. And such people don’t green-light longshots unless they are shown what in hell she’s alluding to.

    Stupid ugly.

  15. Greg says:

    “October surprise”, eww, that sounds ugly. I can only hope that Barack’s media-guns are loaded to offset whatever smear campaign they come up with. I still don’t understand what the connection is between what Rev. Wright says and Obama. I tried to call into the Talk of the Nation show about it to say just that. But in a sense, I think that thats the last thing that a big media outlet wants to hear when they are championing a scandal story.

    These things do hurt, even if they are false.

    Stupid Ugly to be sure.

  16. Hugo says:

    Absolutely, yes. Falsehoods are as dangerous as truths. Politicians bite the dust all the time on the basis of trumped-up nonsense. They’re just the unlucky scapegraces standing in the stead of all the naughty persons who don’t get caught. Shall we name names? No.

    Whatever she has, though, it’s far beyond the Wright controversies. (The answer to your question, BTW, is that the nexus is 20 years of time in the pew.)

    By “October surprise” they don’t intend some calendric, literal reference. It’s code for Hillary’s having goods enough to take Barack down. It’s a dirty shakedown, an extortion play. Presumably you’re aware that in the professional leagues of politics, that’s half the game.

    It’s awful, and the GOP dirt machine is just warming up. If I sound portentous, it’s because I’ve stockpiled Dramamine to get through the Summer campaign season. In a word, I’m whining.

  17. John Hurt says:

    From the dossier of the Ministry of Mean Drunks:

    Are We Getting Two for One?


    By Christopher Hitchens
    Posted Monday, May 5, 2008, at 11:24 AM ET

    Michelle Obama

    So numbed have I become by the endless replay of the fatuous clerical rantings of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright that it has taken me this long to remember the significant antecedent. In 1995, there appeared a documentary titled Brother Minister about the assassination of Malcolm X. It contained a secretly filmed segment showing Louis Farrakhan shouting at the top of his lungs in the Nation of Islam’s temple in Chicago on “Savior’s Day” in 1993. Farrakhan, verging on hysteria, demanded to know of the murdered Malcolm X: “If we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours?” His apparent admission of what had long been suspected—that it was the Black Muslim leadership that ordered Malcolm’s slaying—is not understood or remembered (or viewed) as often as it might be.

    I invite you to look at the film of Farrakhan’s sweating, yelling, paranoid face and to bear in mind that this depraved thug, who boasts of “dealing with” one of black America’s moral heroes, is the man praised by Jeremiah Wright and referred to with respect as “Minister Farrakhan” by the senator who hopes to be the next president of the United States.

    Liberal comment on Wright, and on the incredible damage that this conceited old fanatic has done to the Obama campaign, tends to dwell on the negative effect that black chauvinist rhetoric has on white working-class voters. Fair enough, I suppose. But why should a thinking black member of the working class want any truck with a Farrakhan fan or with a moral idiot who thinks that the drugs and disease in the black community are imposed by an outside conspiracy? I don’t need any condescending liberal to explain to me why black Americans are inclined to be touchy about the way their forebears were treated any more than I require a patronizing former Harvard law student to guide me through the anxieties of the gun-owning and hunting community. I can quite easily understand these points without pedagogic assistance. What I won’t be told is that Tawana Brawley was right, or that AIDS is the fault of the government, or that Jews were behind the slave trade, or that there is a secret Masonic code in the dollar bill. And the apologist for murder “Minister Farrakhan” and his big-mouth Christian friends flirt with this kind of half-baked garbage every day.

  18. Morgan Warstler says:

    Michelle is certainly no scholar.

  19. MS says:

    Even if the Clintons lent their campaign $6.5 million, if they started with $15 million — which means they still have $8.5 million left.

    My god, who needs $8 million (or $2 million) to be happy?

    Personally, if we had $1 million in the bank, my husband and I would retire tomorrow. Even with 2 kids yet to go to college.

  20. MS says:

    It’s an unfortunate question of RACE that makes us pay so much attention to Rev. Wright.

    Why does it only matter that the black minister, Rev. Wright, has outrageous rhetoric? And why is Obama the only one held to task for his former minister’s preachings?

    Why not chastize John McCain for the outrageous rhetoric of the white Rev. John C. Hagee, whose support was solicited by McCain, over the course of an entire year? Or Falwell, at whose university McCain recently gave the graduation speech. Hagee, preacher of a Texas mega-church, loudly opposes gays, points to a large-breasted women he says is “the great whore,” “drinking the blood of the Jewish people,” and said that Hurricaine Katrina was God’s destruction of New Orleans because of their disippated ways, such as a homosexual parade scheduled the day that Katrina arrived.

    Although Wright was Obama’s minister, his most dramatic statements did not come during that period of time. (Which still does not explain why Obama should be responsible for every position that the minister took; and that McCain should have no problem with the statements of Rev. Hagee.)

    As writer Shaun Jacob Halper says on :

    “Obama established his relationship with Rev. Wright long before any of his inflammatory comments were made (and before Obama was made aware of them), while John McCain embraced Fallwell, Hagee, and Parsley with full knowledge of their bigoted reputations after they had argued their positions publicly. McCain sold his maverick soul in a Faustian bargain with those very “agents of intolerance” he once impugned.”

  21. Hugo says:

    Kindly count me out on that one, MS. I couldn’t care less about race in this context. It’s religion that I care about.

    But theology aside, the secular ideological implications were bound to matter a great deal to a lot of people. That’s not my bag, but it is very worrying that the “media” did not—in view of the plain importance, to so many, of such screwball ideological hucksterism—perform the really pedestrian diligence expected of the erstwhile Press.

    Please understand: from a journalist’s perspective, Jeremiah Wrights come and go; it’s the Press that has to join battle again every morning. The estate is more important than the players who for a time provide its copy. The Constitution doesn’t contemplate Rev. Wright, or even candidate Obama; it’s the Press that is of concern to the Framers, and bigod I can no longer tell you where the Press lives or what it eats for headlines.

    Word iz tho, that it got eaten by these “media” things that seem like they’re everywhere nowadays.

  22. John Hurt says:

    “Word iz tho, that it got eaten by these “media” things that seem like they’re everywhere nowadays.”

    There it is.

  23. Ken Ballweg says:

    Ah, but Hugo, we can get some sense of their diet from their scat.

  24. Hugo says:

    Yeah, I hear you can, like, dry it out and smoke it and like if you can like smoke enough of it without losing your lunch, you’ll see like these visions of like these reporters and copy editors and stuff, and like this surreal pursuit of big stuff like accuracy and clarity and like, facts.

    That’s gotta be awesome. We should do some sometime.

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