Jerry Yang to the Woodshed

From the beginning of the Microsoft-Yahoo tussle I thought that Steve Ballmer should just be patient, because Yahoo’s shareholders would eventually force Jerry Yang’s hand. It now looks like Jerry is being taken to the woodshed by some very big boys.

“I’m extremely disappointed in Jerry Yang,” said Gordon Crawford, a portfolio manager at Capital Research Global Investors, which owns over 6% of Yahoo’s shares. “I think he overplayed a weak hand. And I’m even more disappointed in the independent directors who were not responsive to the needs of independent shareholders.”

This could be a done deal in two weeks and Yahoo has no where to run.


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  1. Morgan Warstler says:

    Some very big boys.

  2. Ken Ballweg says:

    A fav mash up on Steve B (one of the biggest).

    However, after Ballmer’s move gets them Yahoo for closer to $20 a share than to the offer he pulled off the table, Jerry will probably have to turn in his big boy badge.

  3. Greg says:

    by done deal, do you mean, Jerry Yang gets outed?

    I keep thinking of this acquisition in terms of integrity from Yahoo’s point of view. Microsoft has been fairly lame duck the last few years, suffering from loss of quality in their product lines, probably victims of their own success, where they were hiring the best and brightest out of college in the 80’s and 90’s, now are losing that talent to other companies and startups that they helped build the marketplace for.

    In the old days, circa 5-6 years ago, they were the boogey man. Now they are just lame. The core talent isn’t there; Vista sucked; .NET is a joke imo. and they will probably continue to stub their toes as their product quality and ability to innovate wanes.

    Jerry Yang knows both the old and the current Microsoft, and I think that he has too much integrity to be absorbed by this cash-rich behemoth. Knowing that the brandname that he built will suffer the same gradual decline under the Microsoft aegis that their other product lines have.

  4. STS says:

    MicroHoo was a futile undertaking — the Young FrankenSteve link Ken posted was appropriate, you just need to substitute MicroHoo for the monster.

    Yang seems to have chosen the prospect of being chewed out by institutional investor “masters of the universe” rather than deserted by what remains of his talent pool. It will be interesting to see if those MotU’s retaliate by getting Yang fired, thereby precipitating further brain drain.

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