Hillary's Path to the Nomination

This brought me out of my post Pennsylvania funk.

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  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    She looks good with a mustache.

  2. Kurt says:

    Of course! Time travel!
    Wonder why Giuliani didn’t try that…

  3. Zhirem says:

    Kurt: If 9iu11iani could have implemented time travel, he would have simply replayed 9.11.2001 for the country in a continuous loop forever.

    After all, it would be the only way in which he would be relevant as President.

    – Zhirem

  4. loomisnews says:

    Yes, her supporters are right — Hillary is History!

  5. MS says:

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert mock the never-ending campaign (and Hillary’s insistance on staying in the race).
    (It’s funny, as they always are, but not kind.)

    Jon Stewart

    Stephen Colbert

  6. Andrew says:

    Very very nice. Put a smile back on my face…

  7. zak says:

    I’m over the Democratic party debacle and am more concerned about a McCain presidency.

    Thus, this video made me feel better

  8. Rick Turner says:

    Well, now that Whoopie Cushion has come out kind of favoring the idea giving McCain the chance to repent and repair, we’re all OK.

    What a fucking idiot…

  9. Ptrk says:

    Jon, the youtube video is down. Any chance for an alternate link or a description??

  10. zak says:

    Here’s another pearl, from BarelyPolitcal.com

  11. wordsseldomsaid says:

    loomisnews said,
    “Yes her supporters are right-Hillary is History!”

    good one…(smiling)…

  12. pond says:

    Yes, that was a funny one.

    I see Clinton getting the nomination by a simpler path: all she needs to do is to prevent the superdelegates from crowning Obama. First ballot in Denver thus gives no winner; second ballot allows Michigan and Florida delegates to vote.

    Clinton would then likely have the lead overall (not counting the super’s, wherever they would then be).

    So the questions I have are: would the super’s allow for the balloting at Denver to proceed, or will they get together into a smoky room and crown one or the other before the convention? And if the balloting is allowed to proceed, when do the Michigan and Florida delegates, which are apparently going to go and be seated, get to vote? What would the vote be on that hypothetical second ballot? And where would things go from there?

    Then again, Rush Limbaugh is promising, threatening, and encouraging riots in the streets of Denver…

  13. rhbee says:

    Wow! A protest rally led by Repugnants. Has that ever happened before?

  14. zak says:

    Limbaugh was very careful in his wording. He’s “dreaming of riots in Denver;” he expressly said he was not encouraging or inciting them

    he thinks it would be great if there was a terrible upset and public reaction at the Democratic convention because he thinks Americans would then turn away from the Democratic party and elect McCain

    Inciting a riot is illegal, and he’s going to walk a fine line I’m sure.

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