The Speech Barack Can't Give

Last week in The New Yorker, Rick Hertzberg wrote about Hillary’s aggressive style and Barack’s response.

She has been relatively unrestrained in her battle with Obama, but he has had one hand tied behind him in his battle with her. He cannot mention many of her biggest general-election vulnerabilities, most of which involve her husband’s Administration, the awkward role that he might play in her own, and the potential conflicts of interest posed by the funding of his charitable and commercial activities. Bill Clinton remains popular among Democrats, if not as popular as he used to be. Anyway, all-out attack would undermine the unifying theme of Obama’s campaign.

Recognizing that Obama cannot take on the legacy of the first Clinton Administration head on, I’ve written the speech Obama can’t give.

*    *    *    *

I want to speak tonight to the citizens of Indiana and North Carolina. You have it within your power to finally decide the nominee of the Democratic Party. If on May 6th, you decide to entrust the democratic nomination for the Presidency to me, then it will be mathematically impossible for my opponent to win a majority of the delegates. For the party insiders, the establishment built by the Clintons in the 90’s, to overturn the will of the majority, would be a mockery of our party’s heritage.

But on that day that you choose me,  then I believe Mrs. Clinton would step aside seeing no route to the nomination. And I believe our party will be quickly unified to end the 8 disastrous years of Republican rule in the White House. John McCain offers the country four more years of George Bush’s endless war. Four more years of pouring $12 billion a month into Iraq and Afghanistan instead of Americas crumbling infrastructure and  schools.  And four more years of financial crisis with the White House controlled by special interests and lobbyists. It’s no secret that John McCain and his new found backers like Rush Limbaugh want to run against Hillary, not me. They don’t want things to change.

Mrs Clinton promises she “will fight for you.” But in the eight years of the first Clinton Presidency that she claims so much credit for–whose side did she take? Did the Clintons take the side of Big Media/Telecom in the 1996 Telecom act or did they take the side of the people? You know the answer. Did the Clintons take the side of the Big Drug companies so they could advertise prescription drugs or did they do the sensible thing and leave it up to doctors to decide what to prescribe? You know the answer. Did the Clintons take the side of Sandy Weil, when he merged his investment Bank/Insurance conglomerate Travellers/ SmithBarney with Citibank–against the rules of the Glass Steagall Act–or the side of the public, who now can’t get credit to buy a house because of the oversecuritization of American finance that has crashed. You know the answer. I could go on about the Clintons and the big business wing (the DLC) of the Democratic Party. I could tell you that Hillary did her part to sell NAFTA and its only since she started running for President that she has pretended to be against the treaty. Now those of you who have heard me talk before, know that I believe in an America that embraces the green movement we can create new jobs that pay like the good jobs at the Suburu Plant in Lafayette Indiana or the good jobs in the research labs of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. But we’ve been losing those jobs since the late 1980’s.

But to get to that place of real reform we will have to change the culture of Washington–and first place to make that change is within our own party. I have no doubt that we can unite the country because I sense this great desire for change everywhere I go. The question for you is do you really want to change America. And if you do, where would we start? I would start at the source of our current troubles–The War in Iraq.

Two of the people who held the power to take us into the War in Iraq are running against me….And you know what they did with that power. My opponent John McCain still believes he did the right thing and one of our clear differences will be over that vote. Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand says “she wishes she had the vote back”, but refuses to take responsibility for her actions. It is time for a change because they both were wrong in that fateful decision to spill our blood and treasure on the sands of Iraq. It is time for a change.

North Carolina and Indiana–you both excel at my sport, Basketball. Lets make this our version of the Finals and stop all the drama.  Thank you.

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  1. John Hurt says:

    Okay, so the ex-president/first First Husband is rattling around the White House. Who is going to keep him out of meetings he wants to attend? Who is going to tell him to leave? The White House Husband. It’s a little scary if you think of it.

  2. Richard Baskin says:

    Good piece, Jon.

  3. BobbyG says:

    John Hurt – Maybe I’m projecting too much too cynically, but, to me, there’s a subtext in Hillary’s “experience” riff that ‘wink, wink, there’s a lot of stuff I just can’t talk about, but I was in on a lot of substantive, classified stuff when I was in the White House with Bill. Just can’t talk about it, wink, wink, but, believe me, my chops are solid. My experience goes WAY beyond cocktail weenies at embassy parties in 80 countries.’

  4. John Hurt says:

    Another thing Obama can’t say (but doesn’t, I think, need to) is that the RNC dossier on WJC’s whereabouts the last eight years might prove disruptive in a third Clinton administration.

  5. Morgan Warstler says:

    A smallish bit of self promotion, in mah pwnd interest!

    Everyone feel free to spend their paycheck affecting the Indiana and North Carolina elections.

    Also, any ads you’d like to make and put up, let me know.

  6. Andres says:

    Thanks for posting this Jon. I would add some insight into campaign management. The irony is that the candidate that began with a surplus is now in a deficit (after firing some management) and the populist that began with nothing but a good strategy and an honest message is now running a surplus (with the same management). Is this at all indicative of how each will manage the country?

  7. Zhirem says:

    Jon, nicely said. None of it is black and white. All is shades of gray. (no Monkee’s jokes please). I am beginning to wonder if we are not going to have three elections in a row in this country where the outcome is not ever quite clear, and the circumstances surrounding the winners are (to say the least) tainted by controversy and claims of malfeasance.

    Morgan, awwwwww, I liked you so much better when you were a faceless anonymous entity.

    Why’d you have to go a ruin it for me?!


    Interesting model for the Sezme thing.

    – Zhirem

  8. gasdocpol says:

    No one talks about the credibility Obama would have overseas, having opposed the Iraq invasion.

    We will need to mend a lot of fences and Obama could get more cooperation than Hillary. (Forget about McCain)

  9. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan- You ought to be careful about touting the “junk mail mogul” moniker. It’s hurting your blog cred.

  10. Morgan Warstler says:

    Too true. Long ago, before the Internet, I lived on the beach and wrote junk mail. I don’t know about the mogul thing, but junk mail is a blast.

  11. Jon Taplin says:

    Morgan- Now thats what made you a libertarian. You were pissed off the government shut down your spam factory. You wanted freedom to spam! Wow!

  12. Morgan Warstler says:

    Uncannily accurate.

  13. Rick Turner says:

    A contrarian who is that for the sake of being contrary rather than being someone who is effective in promoting needed change…is…???

  14. John Hurt says:

    One now sees Morgan’s contribution to this blog in a whole nother light.

  15. smoothe08 says:

    excellent blog i wish you would circulate this around more escpecially to Clinton supporters, I think they need a reality check

  16. Filming an animated version of this speech being given and posting it on youtube could spread the knowledge. Do any of these folks really stand a chance to step outside the ‘business as usual’ ways of Washington and drive some real change? What would real change consist of, outside of the obvious, like Iraq and the economy?

  17. fletchshill says:

    Uh, about the speechwriting …

    Don’t quit your day job.

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