Pretty Cool

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, you got to hand it to Barack. He is one cool cookie.

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  1. kip says:

    Well, at least he’s not bitter!

  2. zak says:

    While both candidates are having lame questions chucked at them, why didn’t they segue into issues themselves?

    Charlie, the media has milked these campaign flares endlessly, let’s talk about what the American people care about. Let’s talk about education, the deficit, what to do about Iraq, how about 25% of teen girls have an STD and federally funded abstinence only education isn’t working (that last one is more a concern of mine). Here’s where I stand on the abysmal state of k-12 education . . .

    Obama didn’t rise about the game. I’m disappointed.

    Some bloggers are wondering if Obama really flipped Clinton the bird at 1:18 in the above video, which to me says bloggers need to get out of the house a bit more often

  3. John Hurt says:

    That wasn’t a debate, it was Network. Television at its finest.

    And yes, it would be a great relief to have someone up there with a little Miles Davis about him. And a little less Miles Standish.

  4. rhb says:

    Lets bring back Dick Cavett.

    It is strange though how timorous and fearful our leaders are to really speak their mind. No wait. Cheney speaks his mind. “So?” Bush sure speaks his. Obama, I wish you had not been so gracious last night but at least the result was a real protest against this strategy by the American public who were genuinely upset for you.

  5. BobbyG says:

    Why do you not permit me to comment here?

  6. No1KState says:

    “Obama didn’t rise about the game. I’m disappointed.”

    Obama tried on several occassions to talk about issues. The moderators would cut him off and press him to answer their tabloid questions.

    Aside from coming across as an angry black man, there wasn’t much he could do.

    And can a candidate scratch his/her face without have to apologize for having an itch!

  7. Ken Ballweg says:

    Think of it as a long hard vetting rather than the end of the dem’s hope for the general election. By the time this primary is over, every potential swiftboating will have had public exposure, and have somewhat faded from the news cycle. Either C or B, whichever wins, actually comes out of it stronger by each issue losing it edge of surprise and their staff having time to craft responses.

    John, on the other hand is going to get the full shock value of what ever he gets hit with.

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