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  1. Hugo says:

    Yep, Billary had its best year last year in spite of the opportunity cost of campaigning. Details at Eleven? No, at 12:01 a.m. Unless they request a second extension, in which case maybe sometime, in the unforeseeable future…

    I love the way the Los Angeles Times digested the campaign’s press realease and ran it as a news story, allowing Billary to couch last year’s estimated figures in the tall grass of seven previous years and saying nothing about Billary’s refusal to name the sources of last year’s bonanza while Hillary remains in the race.

    From the Clintons and the DNC, a paper blizzard on the day Billary does NOT release their non-existent 2007 tax filing other than to say that gross income amounted to something around $20.4 million. But look at all the stats we’ve worked up on fully eight years’ worth of earning and paying and giving! Look at what model taxpayers they are! Look at Hillary pulling a John Edwards with the Poverty Czar! (Potemkin?) See our demands for Obama’s returns! See our demands for McCain’s! See our press releases! Hear our spin!

    Didja catch Hillary choking back tears as she told the story of how MLK figured in the Life of Hillary? Pay attention to THAT!

  2. smrtas1 says:

    Note also that some of the articles mention Bills off-shore holdings, which are the same type of organization she is saying that she will close the ‘tax loopholes’ on.

  3. Jon Taplin says:

    Hugo- I’m not sure there is any evidence she met King. It’s like her Marine Corps recruiting office incident.

  4. Hugo says:

    Yeah, I don’t think she did either. But I don’t care. I just care that that campaign wants us to care about everything else at this time other than the real story, which is not that the Clintons released their tax records, but that they did NOT file last year’s returns and will not do so until Hillary’s out of the woods. The Friday doc dump, coinciding with all eyes on MLK and Advantage Obama? Give us a break, Billary!

  5. MS says:

    Where are McCain’s tax returns? And his wife’s?

    Why arent we asking? Why arent the media asking?

  6. Hugo says:

    The point of yesterday’s exercise was to disguise the fact that the Clintons will not release their 2007 returns, nor even file them. What’s behind their timing? It was a double play for Hillary: It was a Friday, and it was a day when she needed at least to distract from the attention she had to concede to Barack due to the 40th anniversary of the assassination.

    Why has McCain not released his tax returns? Probably because he hasn’t yet filed them. I gather that he and Cindy been rather busy—certainly too busy to earn $20.4 million. Let’s ask about their returns and the Obama returns after April 15. Because in the meantime yesterday’s syncronized demands of McCain, coming from the DNC and the Clinton campaign, look to have been part of the day’s many diversionary tactics.

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