Two top line numbers of interest. 81% of the nation say we are headed in the wrong direction. Obama wins the “shares my values sweepstakes” over McCain. Clinton comes in third.

The biggest gap between Obama and Clinton on this comes from Republicans. Most Republicans, 52%, think Obama shares America’s values but far fewer, only 27%, think Clinton does. Independents and Democrats think they both do, but Obama fares better here, too, by 13 points. Republicans and Independents both think McCain shares America’s values, and half of Democrats do.

I actually think my metaphor of the Interregnum holds up. When 81% say we are going in the wrong direction, the ruling philosophy of neoconservatism is dead. But the new path is not clear.

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  1. Morgan Warstler says:

    Interregnum in your first reference = “Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 the American political ruling ideology has been based on the twin poles of the Neoconservative philosophy first elucidated by Irving Kristol in The Public Interest in 1965: in domestic affairs the national government should shrink (by cutting taxes and business regulations) and in foreign affairs the government should grow (by becoming the world’s sole military superpower).”

    Now it equals = “When 81% say we are going in the wrong direction, the ruling philosophy of neo-conservatism is dead.”

    What was left off the second time you wanted to mention “king is dead”? Cutting taxes and shrinking regulation.

    Maybe not on purpose, but then un-recognized.

    Actual neo-con policy did not date back to 1965 or 1980 (see Gulf War), so to make the point you needed to add the good stuff in there “cutting taxes/regs,” which did date back that far.

    Then, with the term established, you dropped the part most people still SEEK/DESIRE “cutting taxes and regs,” and mention only neo-conservatism.

    Why would you do this subconsciously?

    Because you know, the poll doesn’t hold up for “less taxes/regs,” so as you are writing it became about refuting neo-con (sure! 81% are against that), but IF it is only about refuting neo-con, you can’t call it your “Interregnum.”

    So you either dump the poll, because people still want taxes lower and less regs, or you dump the theory, and just say people are tired of neo-con war. Both are close to yawners.

    Anti-military? ok, sell it.

    Pro-taxes/regs? not likely.

    Here’s the new path:

    Lets agree the most we take from rich people is a an exact % and amount. Lets agree taking more than that amount hurts the economy. Lets agree that spending more than that amount = deficits, which have not worked well for liberals since 1980. Lets agree that with 40% as the top rate, we must live within our means.

    We can’t give more than we can take.

    Let’s admit that true fact, and get down to brass tacks, figuring out which things we need more than others.

    There’s your new way. We can agree.

  2. zakstar says:

    Let’s hope the Democratic party repeatedly points out how little would change from a Bush to a McCain presidency and runs this statistic CNN style along the bottom of the screen.

    I’m also enjoying these survey numbers this evening

    Just 4 in 109 historians consulted put Bush in the top 2/3 of American Presidential administrations
    98.25 said the Bush Presidency was a failure

    Time and again, Bush has proven you can, in fact, fail up (which sadly gives me hope at this juncture of my life). One can only imagine where he’ll go from here.

  3. Dan says:

    “Lets agree that spending more than that amount = deficits, which have not worked well for liberals since 1980.”

    Cutting taxes while skyrocketing spending (on must-have items like the “missile shield” and Iraq and a new federal department and other things I can’t even identify because they’re in the ever-growing “black hole” budget) is the conservative way of boosting deficits into the stratosphere.

    There was a budget *surplus* during at least one year of the Clinton administration.

  4. Zhirem says:

    Zakstar, your concerns are mine as well. I want to get a t-shirt printed up that reads: McSame. I also concur that Senior Bu$h has had a reverse-meteoric arc for most of his life of failing skywards. We should probably just elect him Galactic Overlord now and herald the coming of the Great White Handkerchief (see Douglas Adams).

    Morgan, I don’t want to accuse you of single-mindedness, because you obviously are not, but I wonder why everything becomes conflated in your posts, or seems to at any rate, to lower regs, lower taxes? Surely even you cannot somehow relate those two ideas to the anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King?

    Dan, Morgan may have a point in one of his previous posts, that the role of Republican governance in our modern era is to run up the deficit to such a ridiculous point that the following Democratic administration has no choice but to try to balance the budget, and thus afford no real fixes to the Country. While, if true, this would be the height of hypocrisy, at best it leaves one quite jaded and thinking of crawling back into bed…

    – Zhirem

  5. zak says:

    I was raised on that notion that Republicans drive us into debt; Democrats pull us out of debt; thus nothing changes. Morgan’s belief is more pervasive than I’d like. In part, that’s probably why more people don’t vote; it just doesn’t seem to matter or change anything.

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